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Bridgend & Glamorgan Valleys

All inquests held at Coroners Court Rock Grounds Aberdare unless otherwise stated.

Please note that inquests are sometimes opened at short notice to accommodate the family and are not therefore listed on the website.  If you have an interest in any particular case, and are not a member of the family, but wish to know about the opening hearing, please contact the Coroner's Inquest Assistant on 01685 885232.

Name Date of Death Type of Inquest Date/ Time of Inquest
Aaron Nunes of Bridgend 21/02/2016 Conclusion 20/11/2017 10:00 - 08/12/2017
Robert Edwards of Aberdare 02/09/2017 Conclusion 10am 08/12/2017 @ Muni Pontypridd
Marion Whippey of Aberdare 19/04/2017 Conclusion 11am on 08/12/2017 @ Muni Pontypridd
Phillip Wall of Merthyr 08/04/2017 Conclusion 1pm on 12/12/2017
Iona Staniford of Pontypridd 24/09/2017 Conclusion 2pm on 12/12/2017
Marion Turner of Bridgend 12/08/2017 PIR 3pm on 12/12/2017
Raymond Blackman of Bridgend 29/08/2016 10am on 12/12/2017 & 13/12/2017 @ Cardiff Coroners Office  
Andrew Hawkins of Bridgend 19/07/2017 Conclusion 10am on 13/12/2017
Nicholas McLean of Aberdare 24/12/2016 Conclusion 11am on 13/12/2017
Catherine Rees of Tonyrefail 04/08/2017 Conclusion 1.30pm on 13/12/2017
Stephen Isreal of Porth 09/05/2017 Conclusion 2.30pm on 13/12/2017
Anthony Thomas of Neath 21/09/2016 PIR 4pm on 13/12/2017
Craig Hannam of Tonypandy 19/06/2016 PIR 9am on 14/12/2017
Dylan Matthews of Abercynon 23/07/2017 Conclusion 10am on 14/12/2017
Pamela Fitzgerald of Aberdare 30/07/2017 Conclusion 1pm on 14/12/2017
Penelope Morris of Bridgend 02/08/2017 Conclusion 2pm on 14/12/2017
Huw Green of Treherbert 23/07/2017 Conclusion 10am on 19/12/2017
Charlene Main of Merthyr 31/07/2017 Conclusion 11.30am on 19/12/2017
Susan Scott of Newtown 04/08/2017 Conclusion 2pm on 19/12/2017
Robert Lewis of Bridgend 24/07/2017 Conclusion 10am on 20/12/2017
Rose James of Bridgend 26/07/2017 Conclusion 11am on 20/12/2017
Brian Richards of Aberdare 10/05/2017 Conclusion midday on 20/12/2017
Leonard John of Bridgend 10/08/2017 Conclusion 1pm on 20/12/2017
Donald Curtis of Bridgend 31/07/2017 Conclusion 2pm on 20/12/2017