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How to use this site

This site contains information and help concerning the work of the Powys Coroner.  If you cannot find the information you require then please e-mail the Coroner's Office with your query. 


All publicly available information on current Inquests is posted on the appropriate record under the Inquests tab. Simply click on the name of the deceased.

An RSS feed is now available on the Inquests and Scheduled Inquests pages.  This will allow you to obtain information whenever the Inquest pages are updated.  You will need a news reader in order to use this feed.

NO further information on current inquests, other than that available on this site will be provided to the press or public prior to the full hearing


The Search page allows you to search for information if you do not know the name of the deceased but have an idea of when he/she died.  If the case is closed and you require more specific information than is given on the site, then you must make a request in writing to the Coroner for the release of the information.


You will find some general advice on how to deal with the aftermath of a sudden death under  What Next? and more specific sources of information under Useful Links